how to participate

POCARI SWEAT is looking for others to join their mission into space.
Your dreams can also be on the space shuttle.
Put words to your dreams, so they can travel over 380,000 kilometers
to the lunar surface as engraved messages.
From then on, you can look up to the moon whenever you feel down.
The words you entrusted to the moon are sure to give you the energy to
chase your dreams again. Live. Facing your dreams.

Use your smartphone to send your dreams.LUNAR DREAM MESSENGER

Messages sent from your smartphone will land on the lunar surface. Capture the moon to send your dreams across more than 380,000 kilometers of space.

Join an event to send your dreams.

POCARI SWEAT is coming to a city near you to collect your dreams. There will be event-exclusive footage and special classes about space. Detailed information is coming soon!